About Us

The Company

Nuclear Sonics Associates (NSA) has empowered physicians to accurately diagnose disease by providing high quality, affordable nuclear medicine services to hospitals in Iowa for over three decades. NSA not only partners with our customers, we build mutually beneficial relationships with healthcare providers. We believe relationship building, quality service and responsiveness to customer needs are the key factors to growing a business.

Mobile Nuclear Medicine Services

Our mobile service allows you the opportunity to offer a quality nuclear medicine service to your community. We have helped a number of facilities build their own volumes to where they could sustain their own in-house equipment. Providing services to patients right in their home town eliminates the inconvenience and expense of traveling long distances to get exams done at other health care facilities. Keeping it local minimizes the risk of losing business to other hospitals and clinics.

Nuclear Medicine Equipment Lease/Purchase Program

We also help healthcare facilities lease or purchase their own nuclear medicine equipment in a trailer, modular or in-house installation. We welcome the opportunity to give you a bid to place such a unit if your needs would dictate a more permanent arrangement.

Our Commitment to You

  • First Class Patient Care
  • Large Variety of Tests
  • Weekly Service at Your Facility
  • Add-on and Emergency Service