Scheduling Patients

Scheduling of Patients

  • Radiology Department should be contacted by the ordering physician and given the necessary exam information by 4am on the day of Nuclear Sonics arrival to your facility.
  • Radiology Department should ensure that all preps have been followed and remind patient of overnight preps.
  • Radiology Department should ask all females of child bearing age (12-60) if there is any chance that she may be pregnant. If there is a chance of pregnancy, a pregnancy test should be conducted the day before the exam.
  • Radiology registration with all necessary information is required and should be available to the NMT at the time of the nuclear medicine exam.
  • A Nuclear Sonics Technologist will contact the Radiology Department the morning prior to the scheduled day in order to determine the requested exams.
  • The Nuclear Sonics Technologist will then contact the hospital in the afternoon to give them the schedule for the next day.